Free Charting Software-Review. changes all that, and to boot, it provides an easy-to-use, quality back testing and stock screening functionality as well. Stock Fetcher is free, web-based charting software as well as paid, depending on the options you choose.
Stock Fetcher has what it calls SF 2.0, which is a charting application which uses Adobe Flex technology. The charts it produces are very nice. You can easily change the appearance of them, zoom and most importantly, easily add a variety of indicators and studies. Most, if not all, of these studies are customizable as well.
Stock Screening
One of the great features integrated with Stock Fetcher’s charting is its stock screener functionality. You can program the screener to search for every condition under the sun, e.g., only search for stocks which recently had a new 52 week high and are under their 10 day moving average. The screener works fast and well, and you can use it during the day, albeit off of delayed intraday data.

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